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The Beal lab is about advancing understanding of the ocean through observations, research, diversity, and outreach.

Professor Beal on the bridge of the RV Knorr in the Agulhas Current. (Photo Credit Valery Lyman)
The Beal Lab on a hike up Lions Head in Cape Town during the 2017 IAPSO Meeting.
PhD student K McMonigal deploys an Argo float in the Agulhas Current during ASCA0618.
Panelist for LIVE@Frost Science, Hollywood Science & the Wonder Women of Miami, read the story here.
Guillaume preparing drifters for a mission
beal lab
Graduate student Greta Leber and marine technician Mark Graham check instrumentation during mooring recovery. (Photo Credit Valery Lyman)
Eduardo Jardim, lead mooring technician, is ready to deploy a buoy fitted with an ADCP in the Cape Cauldron off Cape Town, SA
In the Beal lab we strive to improve understanding of the ocean’s role in climate and climate change by measuring ocean currents and their properties, and by analyzing observations and models.
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A diverse community of oceanographers benefits science and society by enabling all talented persons to excel and contribute. 

Global Ocean Observing

Establishing an ocean observing system that serves societal needs for forecasting and prediction of climate change and its impacts is a global challenge that requires all nations working together. 

In the Beal lab we are a team of scientists, postdocs, and graduate students from all around the world.