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The Beal Lab in 2019: (back row) Dr. Pierre L'Hégaret, K McMonigal; (front row) Houraa Daher, Dr. Yu Cheng, Prof. Lisa Beal, Dr. Shane Elipot

Lab Members

Lisa Beal, Beal Lab, Agulhas Current Time-series (ACT), Agulhas System Climate Array (ASCA), Agulhas Climate Modeling, Beal Aguhlas
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Prof. Lisa Beal

Professor and Associate Dean of Research

Lisa Beal is a Professor of Oceanography in the Ocean Sciences department at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine,  Atmospheric, and Earth Science. She is an expert on the Agulhas System of currents off South Africa and has brought recognition to the key role this System plays in a warming climate through her publications and international leadership.

Beal teaches courses on Physical Oceanography and on Climate Change. She advises graduate students and postdoctoral scientists in both the Ocean Sciences and the Meteorology and Physical Oceanography programs, conducting research using observing and modelling tools. 

In addition to her research, Beal is involved in community work to increase the engagement, recruitment, and retention of women and minorities in oceanography. She also works to advance resources and capacity for ocean sciences in southern Africa, where she teaches periodically in the Honors program at the University of Cape Town and has formed local partnerships to develop sustained observations of the Agulhas System.


MPO 503: Intro to Physical Oceanography

Dr. Guillaume Novelli

Assistant Scientist

I study transport processes in the oceans and the ocean's role in climate with a combination of numerical models, laboratory experiments, and field observations. My work is multidisciplinary and always part of a larger team effort. I help design experiments, carry them out, and analyse the data.

During my PhD, I was involved in developing and running computational models to simulate the drift of oil spills at sea.
Later in my post-doc years, I started going at sea to deploy instruments in coordinated campaigns and I fell in love with field work.
I measure ocean dynamics with drifting instruments (surface drifters, ARGO floats), towed instruments, unmanned autonomous platforms, and moorings. I also have experience working in different wave tank facilities such as SUSTAIN and OHMSETT, where I helped design and test a variety of instruments and vehicles.

Dr. Kathryn Gunn (Kathy)


I am a postdoc working on the Agulhas System Climate Array (ASCA) project. My current focuses are freshwater transport and eddy fluxes. Before arriving in Miami, I completed my Ph.D. at the University of Cambridge researching seismic oceanography. Outside of work you will often find me at the beach, doing yoga, or attempting a run.







Past Members

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